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Having issues with Land Registry Forms? We are here to help.

Professional Land Registry Form Completion

HM Land Registry forms, completed without a hitch - it's what we do

HM Land Registry forms can often be daunting and difficult to complete. We take the stress out of that and ensure that your application is submitted correctly and your information brought up to date with HM Land Registry without delay!

Simply choose the form you wish to complete below and submit complete webform and we will be in touch within 1 hour.


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Death of Joint Proprietor (DJP)

Completing the DJP form correctly

When someone dies and the property they own jointly with a surviving proprietor (owner), a Death of Joint Proprietor (DJP) form needs submitting to HM Land Registry to remove the deceased from the property's title.

Unfortunately, most applications are returned by HM Land Registry due to being incomplete or completed incorrectly. This will cause long delays in the title of the property being updated, possibly causing delays in selling or refinancing the property by the survivor.


Completing the Change of Address form correctly

Updating your contact address for property that you own is essential. It helps protect you from fraud and enables authorities to contact you if needed in an emergency.

Did you know you can supply up to 5 different addresses for each proprietor (owner) and even an e-mail address! 

HM Land Registry return most applications due to the COG1 form being completed incorrectly or the additional information being supplied is wrong. 

Avoid the long delays and get your application completed correctly first time.

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Official Copy

Obtain a copy of the latest title for property or land

If you need to know who a property owner is or need the title plan of a piece of land, we can supply you with the an up to date copy of the title with or without the title plan.

The Official Copy will include the following:

  • ​Proprietors and their contact address

  • The tenure of the land (freehold or leasehold)

  • Purchase date and price of the property (if available)

  • Detail any restrictions against on the title

  • Detail any charges against the property

The Title Plan will show the boundaries of the property or land and comes with an Official Copy.

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ABOUT LAND REG SERVICES was set up after a number of applications were sent to HM Land Registry for simple tasks, such as changing an address, and it took four attempts to get the form completed correctly and nearly six months for the new address to be registered. 

HM Land Registry's over complex forms make it almost impossible for the transaction to be completed upon first inspection. ensures that your form is completed correctly and when submitted, will be accepted by HM Land Registry.

About Land Reg Services
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